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Nawras accompanying Yazan back from shooting in Somalia

The director Nawras Abu Saleh has just returned safely from Somalia where he was shooting a video clip of Al-Nasheed artist Yazan Nusaibah. This is the third album for Yazan with the director Nawras Abu Saleh.
Inshad Media is taking the role of being the electronic sponsor of Yazan's work which is entitled "Bila Sawt". By shooting this video, Nawras media is the first to capture the Somalia starvation and suffering conveying the message of the artist and the video. The other work that Yazan is wrapping up is "Akher Elmishwar"."
This work addresses the outbreak of Arab Revelations starting from Tunisia. Inshad Media is going to publish the video soon as well as its BTS.
In "Bila Sawt", the director Nawras Abu Saleh encouraged Yazan to think out of the box by a symphonic production of the work. Mixing music with video and taking potages at the same time and shooting documentary style are the features of this creative video by Yazan and Nawras.

The scenes employed are a mix from Somalia and the dramatic scenes were taken in Jordan.

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